It didn't take long for people to start characterizing next-gen consoles as all sorts of things—including, yes, Game of Throne characters.

We have two slightly different Game of Thrones comparisons here, one by Redditor VariousFancyHats and another by neubourn—which do you think is more accurate? Note that like many memes around next-gen consoles, both are rather snarky about the Xbox One. Perhaps unfairly so.

I think the Tully comparison is at least clever—the bit about the cloud, plus, as Redditor TwistTurtle remarks: "Creepy little thing attached to her that can't be separated and no one likes or wants? Definitely Kinect."

Either way, you be the judge of how accurate these are:


Feel free to post any "next gen consoles as ____" memes you find funny, too! Here's a good one.