Nexon America Throws A BlockParty

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Over the next several months, Nexon America is transforming into, a social networking website where fans can keep track of their games and stalk their friends to their heart's content.


The games will stay the same, but the way you experience them and share them with friends while not playing will change drastically once Nexon completes the rollout for BlockParty. In the works for several years, BlockParty will wrap Nexon's stable of free-to-play online games in a robust social networking website.

Players will be able to view a play feed of in-game accomplishments, share their thoughts and moods with friends, manage contacts, show off their avatars, and establish an online identity that is closely linked to the games they play.

"BlockParty will be one part games, one part portal with a twist of social networking. Nexon America's goal for BlockParty is to create the biggest online party with great games and awesome gamers," said Min Kim, Nexon America's vice president of marketing. "BlockParty will allow Nexon to better serve our players by extending the community experience to a central web-based communication hub. BlockParty will also make it easier for players to access Nexon's growing list of games, and at the same time, allow them to share their online gaming adventures with their friends."

Nexon is currently testing and tweaking BlockParty and will continue to do so through the remainder of the year. Those interested in a preview can visit and click on the little BlockParty critters at the top of the page.


I always get all those invitations to join facebook and all kinds of webpages like this one.

I really have to say that I dont get the point of facebook. I see pople logged in, posting photos, leaving messages, and all sort of stuff that can be done by mail or regular IM.

In the other hand, I've seen it works brilliantly when finding people you haven't seen in a time, or that you thought lost forever. That's about the best thing about it.

And BTW, I once swore an oath to the internet that I would never place a picture of myself on the internet. This was sent to hell by one of my cousins thanks to facebook.


From all this we can conlcude that:

Every time you log to facebook, god kills a cute kitten :O