Nex Machina Is An Excellent Arcade Throwback

Nex Machina is a twin stick shooter from the developers of Resogun and Robotron creator Eugene Jarvis. It’s packed with lasers and giant robots. Staff writer Heather Alexandra and Kotaku editor in chief Stephen Totilo blast their way to victory in this archived stream.


There’s one thing to do in Nex Machina: shoot things. Thankfully, the team at Housemarque has arcade shooting down to a science and Nex Machina offers plenty of neat upgrades to keep the experience exciting throughout. You might find a laser sword to slash enemies into chunky bits or gain a dash that also drops a bomb. Between large bosses and massive swarms of enemies, you’ll need all the upgrades you can get. There’s even a co-op mode that feels right out of the arcades and adds even more chaos. Point for point, Nex Machina has plenty of old school flair.

I’m not completely sold on some of the game’s structure, which lock levels and challenges until you gain high scores and gather special coins to unlock more content but I can’t deny that a well executed run of Nex Machina is a genuine thing of beauty. Nex Machina is out now for Playstation 4 and PC and the perfect choice for anyone who wants to blast the everloving shit out some robots.

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I’ve been super pleased with it - all I ever wanted was Resogun + Robotron... and it delivered, and more. It takes what they learned from Resogun and even improves it. Everything is extremely readable (avoid magenta and red and those are on top), which is great when the screen is full of enemies - there’s never an excuse for not seeing what killed you other than your brain’s visual processing overload.

Furthermore the bit where the screen never fades out if you’re killed or when you move to the next arena is brilliant - if you’re in The Zone you’re never taken out of it. Even when you die and get the summary screen, one button press is enough to drop you right back in.

I’m also iffy on the unlocks, though you can earn the currency real fast in Arena mode... but that aside I think this is possibly the finest twin stick shooter ever made, or at least it’s giving Geometry Wars 3 a good fight.