Let's remember, in a year when folks are talking optimistically about a Gears of War movie, the history such franchises are up against. Game adaptations might make money. But as films, they suck without exception.


Industry Gamers examined the highest grossing game movies and found that, while most made millions of dollars, their average Metacritic score hit about 35. Which is just south of "atrocious." Which is a million miles from getting the genre north of "120-minute advertisement."

Go back through this trail-of-tears slideshow and ask yourself why, now, some video game movie, even based on a critically acclaimed title, might finally be less of an insult to your intelligence, this year. Especially when we're talking about something like a "big thing in space", in the hands of Transformers' producer.

From the Little Screen to the Big Screen [Industry Gamers]

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