TV Guy Gets His Black Men Mixed Up, and Samuel L. Jackson Roasts Him

Didn't we just go through this with Morgan Freeman? Look, this is even worse. If there is one black guy you do not want to confuse for another black guy, it is Samuel L. Jackson, because he will not let your ass off the hook.


KTLA-TV's Sam Rubin learned this the hard way this morning when Jackson appeared on the morning broadcast to talk up the Robocop reboot. Rubin referenced Jackson's latest work, including "the Super Bowl ad," which in fact was Laurence Fishburne, reprising his role in The Matrix for Kia.

"Let's talk about Robocop!" Rubin tries, after a painfully awkward minute. "Oh, helllllll no," Jackson replies. "There's more than one black guy doing a commercial." There are at least two more in fact. Well, three, because he left out James Earl Jones for Verizon. (And President Palmer for Allstate, so four.)


Rubin must have felt like a nickel (even on YouTube you can see him turn purple) but Jackson belaboring the issue actually makes him a little more sympathetic. It's obvious he's not mad, but given the chance to make fun of an "all black people look alike" trope when he's got the opportunity, Jules is not going to let that pass. We can talk about Robocop later, Sam.

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