Chris Chike, whose 100 percent effort on "Through the Fire and the Flames" back in June earned him celebrity status and consultant to peripherals-maker Ant Commandos, is profiled in today's New York Times.

Even if you know all about Chike - iamchris4life - put down your urge to dismiss his fame and read the story. It is a very, very positive portrayal of a young video gamer, something we rarely see in mainstream media, much less The New York Times. The best we usually get are condescending features on local news, read over by with-it reporters faking lingo. Writer Dave Itzkoff goes to Rochester, Minn. to get the full story, and then expands on the future and potential opportunities for super-expert or professional gamers.

Chris Chike is Guitar Hero's Hero [The New York Times, thanks Yeliab]