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New York Comic Con doesn't technically start until Friday for us, but we went to Activision's event tonight to check out a slew of their games. Hopefully those impressions will be going up tonight or tomorrow. Then we have Friday, Saturday and Sunday to flesh out the color, news and impressions from the Comic Con. This year's event certainly has grown more gamey.

Not sure if you saw, but Mike posted his preview faq today. We've been talking about doing our own style of previews since shortly after we started official reviews, but it wasn't until Tokyo Game Show that Mike and I had a chance to sit down and really discuss what we wanted to come out of our more formalized previews.

In short, we don't want them to read like free ads for a publisher and we hope they can show progression. In other words we're hoping that our early impressions of games will be something that, in the best of circumstances, can show over multiple previews not snapshots of a game, but a game development in flight, so to speak. We want to capture the movement not the milestones.


That's a heck of a lot easier said than done. We spent another hour or so this morning talking over the finer points of his FAQ before he posted it. We will be testing it over the next few days as we explore the games of Comic Con and, of course, Resident Evil 5. My plan is to have that official preview up by noon tomorrow. We'll see.

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