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New World Record For Beating Resident Evil 7 With Only A Knife On Hardest Difficulty

Illustration for article titled New World Record For Beating iResident Evil 7/i With Only A Knife On Hardest Difficultyem/em

Speedrunners continue to tear their way through Resident Evil 7, facing down its horrors with no hesitation. The fastest runs are on easy mode and use special weapons. One runner cranked the difficulty all the way up and hacked their way through with a pocket knife.


YouTuber and speedrunner Quizzle first caught the attention of our peers at Kotaku UK over the weekend with his initial Madhouse run. Madhouse is Resident Evil 7's highest difficulty, unlocked after clearing the game once. It rearranges the location of key items, increases enemy toughness, and even makes the implacable Jack Baker run faster than your character. It’s a nightmare by itself. Quizzle not only best the game at a breakneck speed with a pitiful weapon, he never dies.

The run clock in with an in game time of 2:49:13. It’s thirty seven minutes faster than his initial attempt. To put it in further perspective: my own new game plus, easy mode run took 2:34:07 and easy mode knife runs still take around two hours.


It’s an absolutely astounding achievement and Quizzle seems primed to keep improving his time. Meanwhile, my own Madhouse runs have mostly consisted of me hiding behind a box while Jack Baker keeps calling me “piggy” and “boy.” Maybe one day, I’ll escape. For now, I can look to Quizzle for inspiration.

Former Senior Writer and Critic at Kotaku.

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Horror games are generally hit-or-miss for me.

There have been a few, like Amnesia: TDD, or The Evil Within (despite its absolute camp and some technical flaws on the PC), that I have absolutely adored--even if Amnesia did scare about fifteen colors of hell out of me.

This one...I’m not sure about yet. I want to play it, but I’m also not sure I’ve got the steel-shod spine necessary to face it down. I’ve a feeling my experience with the game in easy mode would be much the same as yours in Madhouse, Heather—mostly hiding behind things, occasionally skittering from cover to cover like a frightened mouse, with the occasional bout of hyperventilating.

...not sure that sounds like a good time. ;)