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New THQ Nordic Game Biomutant Leaks In German Magazine

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

THQ Nordic has a new post-apocalyptic game staring world-weary animal with a sword and bad-ass grasshopper sidekick. The game, suspected to be revealed at this week’s Gamescom, was leaked this weekend thanks to an ad in the German gaming magazine GamesMarkt.

Called Biomutant, the leak surfaced via a screenshot posted to Twitter by Tino Hahn which subsequently blew up on Reddit and NeoGAF.


According to the magazine’s ad, the game is slated to arrive sometime next year for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. More importantly, it’s going to be an open world action RPG and bills itself as “The post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable.” In the three screenshots it looks like our furry protagonist will be traversing the world through a multitude of transportation means, including boats and dragon-like creatures. The ad also makes mention of the Swedish-based studio Experiment 101 who confirmed to Kotaku that it is indeed involved in developing the game.


You might remember that THQ Nordic first formed last year after the Austrian studio Nordic acquired the rights to a number of THQ’s old properties as well as the former publisher’s trademark. One of those properties was Darksiders, a third entry of which also surfaced earlier this year thanks to leaks.

But Biomutant will be one of the publisher’s new original games. As some of have pointed out, it feels reminiscent of Dinosaur Planet, the canceled Star Fox adventure game originally planned for N64 crossed with the Redwall series. Either way there’s certainly something almost anachronistic feeling about Biomutant based on the leaked ad, but in a good way, like it’s a call back to the mascot-led adventure games of the early 2000s.