New Super Mario Bros. Wii Has Already Outsold Mario Galaxy

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I'm not sure if this is sad or impressive - probably a bit of both - but New Super Mario Bros. Wii has, in a little over two months, already managed to outsell Nintendo's last Mario game, Super Mario Galaxy.


NPD figures reveal that while Galaxy has sold 4.1 million copies in North America since being released over two years ago, New Super Mario Bros. Wii has already sold 4.2 million, despite Galaxy averaging much higher review scores than its 2D successor.

It's not that NSMB Wii is a bad game, far from it; just goes to show how important marketing, accessibilty and multiplayer are to Wii game sales!

2D Mario Leaps Over 3D One in Sales [IGN]



Galaxy is my clear favorite between the two but man NSMB Wii is still a magnificent game.

I really think just saying, "Marketing is the cause" is a total cop-out though. Gamers both young and old are just more comfortable playing 2D games as they're clearly simpler to navigate and that has a lot to do with it.

Also, it's not a sad thing to lose in sales to NSMB Wii. It even outsold all of the individual versions of Modern Warfare 2 worldwide. It's just a monster.