New Sega Title Begins Testing in China

Adding to my theory that Three Kingdoms-related material will outlast us all, Dynasty Gaming has announced the start of closed testing with the first of their Sega-licensed "China Series" of games. And what would that game be? A MMORPG entitled Sanguko Seisen ('Saga of the Three Kingdoms'), designed to "secure a loyal following of SEGA game enthusiasts in China." Considering the current success of domestically-produced titles, it seems a little late to be trying to secure a 'loyal following,' but people do love their Three Kingdoms related stuff. Full release after the jump:

Dynasty Gaming Commences Testing of First Licensed Sega Online Game in Mainland China

After the successful signing of a License Agreement with SEGA Japan (SEGA) for the design and production of several on-line multi-player digital games with DNY BVI Limited, [HQ: British Virgin Islands], a subsidiary of DYNASTY GAMING (OTCBB: DNYFF) (TSX-V: DNY) [HQ: Montreal, Canada] (Company), the Company is pleased to announce that the first of its licensed SEGA online games is undergoing a closed testing process with the Company's China partner, Beijing Baiyouhuitong Net Technology Co. Ltd. [HQ: Beijing] (Partners).

Interviewed in Beijing, Company CEO Albert Barbusci stated that, "This represents the final step in the process to launch the first of our licensed 'China Suite' of SEGA games; a massively multi-player online roll-playing game (MMORPG) to be known as 'Sanguko Seisen' (Saga of the Three Kingdoms). Testing will continue throughout May to ensure that the new SEGA game meets all specifications for mainstream commercial operation in Mainland China."


SEGA, one of the most internationally recognized names in world-class, digital gaming products and software, worked in close collaboration with Dynasty Gaming and Partners to create "Sanguko Seisen." Adapted from a popular Japanese street game, SEGA seamlessly transposed unique elements of traditional Chinese culture, fashion and style in designing a fast-paced, exhilarating game of challenges and skills. Using the latest, state-of-the-art digital gaming technologies, the final product will engage Chinese players in a game of personalized roll-playing that stimulates strategic thinking. Designed to give players the opportunity to achieve personal goals as well as sharpen tactical manoeuvring and focus, players attain ever greater strengths in a game that is never the same twice. The realistic imagery and dynamic characters give the player a true sense of being in a real-world setting of ever-changing scenarios that will maintain player interest and guarantee longevity for succeeding generations. "Sanguko Seisen" also promises to secure a loyal following of SEGA game enthusiasts in China; hungry to see subsequent games in the SEGA "China Series."

"This is an exciting milestone in the company's goal to establish the dominant software design, operation and distribution networks within Mainland China, and join in congratulating SEGA and our China-based Partner in the fulfillment of this extraordinary goal," said Dynasty Gaming CEO, Albert Barbusci.

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I've never played an MMO due to the poor time to fun ratio they usually provide, and as such I've been waiting a long time for a Good MMO with a theme I actually like. Perhaps this will be the one.