New Pac-Man Turns Game's Infamous Kill Screen Into Gameplay

In this new Pac-Man game from the creators of Crossy Road, death by glitch is around every corner.


We’ve seen plenty of new interpretation of Pac-Man over the years, but Pac-Man 256 looks surprisingly fresn and inventive, based on this gameplay footage coming out of Gamescom:

It looks like you swipe the screen to direct Pac-Man around the familiar maze grids, but the reason you’re on the move isn’t simply to avoid ghosts: the game is glitching out all around you.

The “256” part of the title refers to the point when the original game would start breaking down on level 256. Part of the screen becomes a garbled mess, and the level is basically unplayable.

(Thanks to Jamey Pittman for the clip!)

Some versions of Pac-Man reset the board at level 255, preventing the glitch from occurring. Pac-Man 256 plays upon this infamous glitch, and incorporates its effects into gameplay.


Given how much fun Crossy Road was, I’m all-in for Pac-Man 256.

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After Championship Edition, I don’t think there’s anything they can do to top it. The glitch thing was cool, but if you’re only scrolling up, how do you win? Do you just endlessly move upwards? I don’t think I could go back down to the slow pace like this, it just looks boring to me. It’s one neat effect, sure, but (from the looks of it) that’s all it has, which isn’t saying much.