New NCAA Kickoff Rules Will Appear First in a Video Game

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News and notes from around the world of sports video gaming:

• Last week, the NCAA implemented kickoff rules changes similar to ones imposed last year by the NFL, with a couple of twists. Whatever the case, NCAA Football 13 producer Ben Haumiller assured The Gaming Tailgate that his game will reflect the new rule changes when it releases in mid-July. The changes, announced Feb. 24, will move the kickoff forward to the 35 yard line (instead of the 30) and move touchbacks on free kicks to the 25 yard line, instead of the 20. Any other touchback (a punt, or a fumble out of the end zone) goes on the 20. [The Gaming Tailgate]


• There will be no demo for MLB 12 The Show, which comes out next week on PlayStation 3. Technically, this gives MLB 2K12 an uncontested run-up to both games' release on Tuesday. That's technically, because MLB 2K12 is almost an afterthought on the PS3, where The Show dominates. Kotaku asked Sony Computer Entertainment America for comment on why no demo was coming this year but received no answer as of publication time.

• Operation Sports will stage a a 68-team tournament to choose the greatest sports video game of all time, beginning with the first day of play in the 68-team NCAA Tournament. NFL 2K5, and Tecmo Bowl are No. 1 seeds, with Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!! a solid two-seed, and Top Spin 4 vying with NCAA Football 99 in the play-in round for a No. 12 seed. Pong gets an alumni nod at No. 16. I think Fight Night: Round 3 is way underweight at No. 13. EA Sports' Madden NFL series has the most nominees, with three. The last time OS ran this tournament, NFL 2K5 won out. [Operation Sports]

• And on that note, there's another cover contest vote for NCAA Football 13. The game has had a Heisman Trophy winner on its cover the past two years, and this year will make it four in the past three, thanks to Baylor's Robert Griffin III and an all-time great to be voted on by fans. My judgment, in order of likelihood: Barry Sanders (Oklahoma State), Marcus Allen (Southern California), Eddie George (Ohio State), Herschel Walker (Georgia), Desmond Howard (Michigan), Charlie Ward (Florida State) and Andre Ware (Houston). The game's Facebook page has all the details how voting begins and when (March 12).


Gilded Fox

Considering how much flak this rule took last year in the NFL what kind of buzzer had to go off to think it would be a good idea to implement at the college level?