The Consolizer basically gives the GBA a modern equivalent to the Nintendo Switch’s docked mode. According to Williams it even has some improvements over past accessories that tried to do that, like Nintendo’s official Super Game Boy adapter for the SNES and the Game Boy Player for the GameCube, since the Consolizer is locked to the GBA’s frame-rate.


Currently the kits only work for GBAs that use 40-pin ribbons (something that’s indicated by a serial number shown underneath where the batteries go), but Williams is also working on a version for 32-pin ribbons (which typically a little harder to mod). Williams tweeted out that there are 100 finished that he’s recently sold via a lottery system, but once they’ve been out in the wild and tested by more people, he plans on sourcing a larger batch of Consolizers to begin selling early next year.

And since Nintendo hasn’t revealed whether it plans to start adding games beyond the NES library to the Switch Online app, this is currently looks like one of the only good ways to re-experience the Game Boy Advance’s excellent back catalog in HD.