"New Metal Gear" Featured In Next Issue Of Famitsu

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Metal Gear makers Kojima Productions are just hours away from revealing... something, as the developer's teaser page countdown clock is set to expire today. Who knows what Kojima and crew are planning? Famitsu might know.


According to a solicitation for the next issue of the Japanese gaming mag's PSP and PlayStation 3 edition, as listed at 7-Eleven's Japanese site, a "new Metal Gear" will be given some pages. Not that surprising, considering the hints that Kojima Productions has dropped throughout its teaser site.

Add to that the "pressure" Hideo Kojima says he feels to create more Metal Gear games and we'd think another tactical espionage action adventure might be in the cards, perhaps to be formally announced at E3, perhaps prior.

Given the magazine's topics of coverage, that "new Metal Gear" is logically going to be released on the PSP and/or PlayStation 3. We'll note that the Xbox 360 focused Famitsu publication does not feature a similar listing for a "new Metal Gear." Just in case you ask.

The Famitsu PSP+PS3 issue is slated to arrive on May 30th in Japan. Given the regular schedule at which details from the mag leak, we'd expect to see what's buried within a few days before.


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Ryan Criswell

Another countdown clock...Whooooo.

BUUUT it is interesting that the 5 in the background changed to a 3 instead of a 4. Lots of numbers, but this, with the flash info saying the countdown clock(s) will end on June 1, pretty much tells you all you need to know.

MGS4 is 360 bound.....With rain and grass included in the purchase price.