Hideo Kojima is best known for creating Metal Gear Solid. That's not to say he's pigeonholed as "The Metal Gear Guy", but at this point in his career, the stealth series equals Kojima.

When the game was released, there was talk from the designer about leaving the franchise — like there is every time he finishes a Metal Gear game. But he always comes back. There must be pressure for him to make more of these titles.

"Yeah, there's absolutely pressure there," he told Develop magazine. "Maybe if I quit Konami that pressure might be a bit better, but since Konami handles the business side of our operations, yeah, there's definitely a demand continue a series as successful as Metal Gear."

Kojima does concede that what players expect from a Metal Gear "might only be possible from Kojima Productions". The game creator, however, is possibly open outside studios tackling the series.

"I think in the near future it'll be like Holywood — there'll be someone who funds, and a creator. In the past the person who funded was the developer or the publisher," Kojima said, "but I think in the future they'll be a clear distinction between those who fund and those who create." For now, Kojima's employer Konami is funding.


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