Kojima Productions Updates Website With "5" Or "S"

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As announced in the most recent Famitsu, Kojima Productions announced a URL that seemed like it would announce something else on May 18. Today is May 18.


That teaser has updated with what could either be the number 5 or maybe a block capitalized letter "S". The website has lighting and thunder and wind blowing noises as well as a countdown clock that ends in three days. Another announcement of another announcement? If so, that would make this whole affair an announcement of an announcement of an announcement.


Thanks treegreen for the tip!

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Heres another interesting thing. Based on the "April 2007" when the lightning flashes ( [i519.photobucket.com] ), I decided to look more into this "Project S".

Came across this article ( [www.joystiq.com] ). Talking about the announcement of this "Project S". Publish date for it is April 17th 2007. The counter started on the 17th? And the "April 2007" markings.