New Mass Effect 3 DLC Could Revolve Around Rogue Reaper

Mass Effect 3 could get a new piece of downloadable content revolving around a Reaper named Leviathan, according to files extracted by a BioWare forum poster yesterday.

(Potential spoilers for potential Mass Effect 3 DLC follow.)

According to the files, which were extracted from yesterday's "Extended Cut" DLC and dumped on Pastebin, you'll have to rescue a scientist from a colony that is under the control of a Reaper named Leviathan. Leviathan has apparently broken free from the rest of the Reapers to do his own thing.


One purported line reads: "So a Reaper goes rogue and kills one of its own. That's what we're looking at here, right?"

Another: "If Leviathan is a defector—a Reaper that broke away from the others—then it is also a traitor."

I contacted BioWare for comment this morning and received this statement: "We don't comment on rumors or speculation. There will be news about more DLC coming soon…"


Leviathan (of Dis?) DLC - Leaked dialogue in EC files [BioWare via Eurogamer]

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