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New Halo Helmed By MGS4 Producer

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Click to view Rumor has it that Ryan Payton, late of Kojima Productions, has landed a pretty impressive job here in the states. Our very reliable sources tell us that Payton has been hired by Microsoft to be the creative director on the upcoming, and still not dead, Peter Jackson Halo game. The news, very reliable news, comes weeks after we broke the news that Gearbox Director of Technology Corrinne Yu had been hired by Microsoft Game Studios to be Principle Engine Architect for Microsoft's Halo Franchise Team.Rumor had it at the time that Yu and her husband, Kenneth Scott were both joining Microsoft Game Studios. Scott is an art director at id Software. Payton, assistant producer on Metal Gear Solid 4, has been credited with spearheading a more Western approach to controls for Metal Gear Solid 4, making the game far more approachable and much tighter than the previous installment. He also helped warm the MGS4 team up to more Western developed games like Gears of War as well. We heard back from Microsoft and they hit us up with "Microsoft does not comment on rumors or speculation." Which in Microsoft speak is almost tantamount to a confirmation. [Pic]