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Developer Specular Interactive's spiritual sequel to Hydro Thunder, known as H2Overdrive, looks to offer everything you'd want from a proper sequel to Midway's high-speed, big jump-filled boat racing game. Specifically, that's just more Hydro Thunder.


It may not have the name, but after viewing the new trailer for the Raw Thrills' arcade game, H2Overdrive appears to have everything else: turbo boosts, massive drops, boat-on-boat violence, sweet water physics. What Hydro Thunder didn't have were sweet stunts, spinning and flipping acrobatic maneuvers, things present in H2Overdrive. Take note of the boat jumping over a biplane. Because that's every boat owners dream.

Check out the newest trailer for the arcade game after this. Then watch more gameplay videos at 1UP while I beg for hands-on time with the game.

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