Essentially, the steps for sky sliding put Link into what’s known as a “bow lock” state, which allows you to push him with in-game objects. Though, as JoeDun notes, you can technically use “anything you can pick up,” bombs are easiest, since, y’know, you can conjure them out of thin air.


But sky sliding has ramifications beyond granting players the ability to tour Hyrule from 30,000 feet. Just think of what the trick means for the game’s speedrunning community. Side-quests that require you to carry objects will be a breeze. Certain shrines will be easy as pie. And categories from any% (world record: 25 minutes and 6 seconds) to 100% (17 hours and 35 minutes) could see profound upheaval, considering players no longer need to deal with navigating that pesky thing known as the ground.