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New DS Colours For Europe?

Illustration for article titled New DS Colours For Europe?

Sure, why not. Two new DS colour schemes have been spotted on a couple of Spanish retail sites, one a deep shade of red, the other a very fetching, very tropical shade of lime green that looks refreshing enough to throw in a glass and stick an umbrella on top. I know, the picture quality on the site is awful, so these are far from being officially confirmed, but one of them is the website of GAME, only the world's second-largest specialist gaming retailer, so we can't totally discount them. Guess we'll know the truth as we get closer to June 13, which is the supposed release date for the pair.


Nintendo DS Lite Verde [GAME, via Leonsito @ NeoGAF]

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Luke Plunkett

@mike566: Almost. Though we're pinker than that red DS :)