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New Chinese Game Console Totally Rips Off the Wii Remote

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is the controller for a new game console called the Nintendo Wii the G20. Doesn't the controller look familiar?

According to TechInAsia, the console is a collaboration between Chinese online retail giant Alibaba and electronics company Xiao Bawang. The G20 runs on Aliyun OS, Alibaba's Linux smartphone OS, and can also stream movies and television programs. It's not a Nintendo console.

This isn't the first Chinese entertainment device to feature a Wii Remote-inspired controller. It probably won't be the last, either.


So far, the games shown for the console include ping pong, a snowball fight game, and according to TechInAsia, one that really looks like Fruit Ninja.

The G20 is available exclusively through Alibaba's Tmall. The online retail page features some terrible Photoshops:


As well as some special guest stars, appearing on the console's retail site:


Oh dear.

Alibaba and maker of failed Nintendo NES clone team up to create China's next game console [Tech In Asia]


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