New Breath Of The Wild Glitch Lets You Harvest Infinite Korok Seeds

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A new glitch has been discovered that makes it possible to keep collecting the same Korok Seed over and over again in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s not the easiest trick to pull off, but it’s nothing compared to trying to locate and retrieve each Korok Seed in the game individually.


Discovered by Breath of the Wild player Bot_W and demonstrated in a video posted yesterday by YouTuber Gaming Reinvented, the glitch requires tricking the game into giving you one of the Korok Seeds without the full animation playing out and thus registering that it’s already been collected once.

Doing this requires making use of another recently-discovered glitch called moonwalking, which allows the player to do an infinite number of mini-jumps. This step can itself be a bit complicated, relying on a combination of the “hold smuggling” and “walk on horse” glitches.

Gif: Gaming Reinvented (YouTube)

The first part is accomplished by dropping an item, getting hit by a bomb or jelly, and then teleporting at just the right moment afterwards. The player then needs to trigger the text box for finding a new item and quickly pause the game to select an item for Link to hold. This makes it possible for him to ride horses while standing, which in turn makes it possible to kill the horse he’s standing on and unlock infinite jumps, resulting in the ability to “moonwalk.”

Once it’s active, the player can moonwalk over the Korok Seed hidden in a tree just outside the Ya Naga Shrine on Lake Hylia, at which point the button prompt to collect the seed will momentarily appear. Instead of triggering the normal animation, snagging it then brings up the text box for collecting the seed and adds one Korok seed to your total. But the Korok itself will stay in the ground, letting you keep collecting seeds from it.

It requires a lot of leg work and some degree of technical precision, but this glitch offers an alternate route to collecting Korok Seeds, which unlock upgrades for Link, without having to scour the world for all 900 like normal. Of course, messing the trick up even once will ruin it forever, so it’s also necessary to save after every successful attempt.


This glitch may not stick around forever. Back in the early days of Breath of the Wild, there was another way to infinitely harvest Korok Seeds (and items and chests, too) by resetting various parts of the game world. Nintendo ended up patching that exploit in the game’s 1.3.1 update.

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