New Blur Ads Sell Fast Cars With Loose Women

The latest American ad we saw for racer Blur used cartoons. It was pretty good! Know what they're using in France? Sluts.


It's funny, I have no idea what they're saying, and yet, I know exactly what they're saying.

This is what it would be like if the Need for Speed series never got any better. Or had got better, but didn't get any more tasteful.

Blur will be out on May 25 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.




See now Kotaku is stereotyping all kind of girls and women. I say Kotaku just doesn't like France. If they are sluts then you are basically saying 90% of HS and College girls are sluts. Seeing the power up icons on top of their heads, I will look for them and drive through them as fast as I can b4 other players takes advantages of them. And you know...if we had muscle guys up there then we would be all call them gays.