New Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Is Like The House From Up

Battlefield is known for its intricate easter eggs and hidden secrets. The latest hidden secret pulls directly from Disney to create a stunning and humorous sight.


With the recently release of Battlefield 1's latest DLC They Shall Not Pass, it was only a matter of time before easters eggs were discovered. One of the first summons a floating house high above the battle in an homage to the animated film Up. jackfrags shows it off in the video below:

Like any Battlefield easter eggs, there’s a bit of a process before the easter egg triggers. Luckily, the individuals of the Battlefield Easter Egg Discord figured it out. Playing on the map Verdun Heights, players must find three hidden bottles of wine and shoot them all. After that, they must hunt down and locate three rooster bearing weather-vanes around the map and shoot them as well.

Once done, a small house will float above the fray, carried aloft by three balloons bearing the French Tricolour flag. It’s a silly bit of fun that seems a nice shout out to one of Pixar’s best movies: Up. Plus, it’s sure to dazzle and distract your enemies on the ground and make for some easy kills as they wonder what the hell is going on.

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