New Age of Conan Videos Show Braless Demons

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Age of Conan is going after World of Warcraft in the MMO space. It's also a vehicle for getting those hot babes Roy Thomas drew in Savage Sword of Conan into 3D animation. Seriously, the Conan franchise's sensuous representation of bodies in combat is absolutely one of its drawing cards, acknowledged or not. So developer Funcom has gone to it with gusto, looks like.

GamesRadar has two videos up of Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures, which releases for the PC on May 20. It's due for Xbox 360 sometime by September. The first shows combat and the character classes, with some dry narration about succubus boobies and a not-really apology if anyone's offended. The second covers the dungeon crawl.

Edit: I tried to embed these but it dint work the thang's broked stupid embed code etc. Best to just visit the GamesRadar site. They're still pretty slick to watch.


Two Exclusive Age of Conan Videos [GamesRadar]

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@Gambare: I did say "adapted the originals". I actually have Red Nails and Hour of the Dragon (very good reads btw, for those who like S&S). As for the illustrations, if you are talking about the comics, Barry Windsor-Smith was the original comic artist, followed for a long time by John Buscema (though Hour of the Dragon was was drawn by Gil Kane). Of course, this was for the regular comic. Savage Sword of Conan had a number of artists work on it during it's time.