NEW 40. BioWare Doctors Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk

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Why They're Powerful

The BioWare doctors are at the forefront of popular franchises like Baldur's Gate and the more recent Mass Effect. Their latest release, Mass Effect 3 has been the topic of heated fans' dislike for the infamous (famous?) ending.


The controversy and push-back proved to be enough to start change at BioWare, when the company announced that they'd be releasing a DLC with several new ending options. It was powerful enough for us to include the addition of BioWare fans as a candidate on the Power 40 list. The fans had their say. Now, BioWare is having its. The pendulum of power has swung back their way.

These guys would be be higher if they had some announced games, but BioWare more or less no-showed E3, and continued support of Star Wars: The Old Republic and Mass Effect 3 as well as an unclear amount of involvement with the next Command & Conquer is all these folks have announced. That's too little to rank them higher for now.



Not sure how they make the list. They still have more fans who are pissed at them than happy. Most of these fans are saying that they give up, and not in a good way. They purposely flipped the bird at their fans with the new "F U" ending. It is unlikely that their overlords at EA will allow them to make many decisions in the near future, as they have repeatedly proven that they are incapable of good decision making.

Every point you gave in these guys favor should have been given to John Riccitiello, who will be keeping a much tighter leash on the doctors. Until they show that they have learned their lesson, something they have not proven yet, they don't belong on this list, not at 40, or 140.

Then again, it could be that you put them on this list specifically because it is a controversial choice. In which case, disregard everything I said, because I don't want to lend credence to that kind of journalism by disagreeing with it. If that is what happened, I wan't nothing to do with it.