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If you scan the column to the right of the 40 list, you'll find our reorganized list updated for March complete with individual updates where relevant, and a new addition: BioWare fans.


That's right, BioWare fans. Your displeasure with this month's release of Mass Effect 3 did not go unnoticed, and most notably resulted in BioWare's current plan to address the issue of what many consider to be a lackluster ending.


With the Game Developers Conference now behind us, director of the conference Meggan Scavio has been dropped from the list.

We took a look at the industry's current status and progression this month to assess who are the most powerful players that influence what we play, how we play, how we get our games and/or what we think of games.

You can look forward to April's update in a month's time, after we've reassessed any new industry developments.

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