Netflix Used By "Almost" One Million Wii Owners

Illustration for article titled Netflix Used By "Almost" One Million Wii Owners

Proving that owners of Nintendo's current home console are perfectly happy with "Wii Definition" visuals, it's been disclosed today that "almost" one million Wii users have "participated" in the Wii's Netflix streaming service since its launch last month.


That figure comes directly from Nintendo of America boss Reggie Fils-Aime, and while "participated" is a vague, vague term, it's a number that both Nintendo and Netflix will be happy with.

Nintendo because it took Microsoft three months to get that same figure on the Xbox 360, and Netflix because it "only" has around 14 million subscribers in the US, and of that number, only half use the streaming service.

So adding one million new users in a month, no matter how briefly they ended up using it, is kind of a big deal!

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Please tell me this means there will be a sense of logic on the world again.

I would hope people would generally only pay a monthly fee for netflix and their cable bill, instead of a fee for netflix, their cable bill, and xbox live.