Netflix LIVE App. Downloaded And Activated By A Million LIVE Users

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Netflix on Xbox 360 is big business. Today Microsoft announced that one million Xbox LIVE Gold members have downloaded and activated the Netflix LIVE application.


This application was launched last November. Since then, 1.5 billion minutes of movies and TV have been watched by LIVE members.

"Netflix continues to provide its 9.4 million subscribers unprecedented convenience, selection and value," said Netflix Chief Marketing Officer Leslie Kilgore. "With more than 100,000 titles on DVD and 12,000 movies and TV episodes available to watch instantly, there's no better way to enjoy movies than Netflix."

The service is free for Xbox LIVE Gold members who are also Netflix subscribers.


unnecessary human being

@CartBlanche2: Who even mentioned Home? Why the comparison?

The reason why 3.4 million people downloaded Home is because we're starved for cool things to do with our ps3's. The reason why they got so much money from 'Stuff' is because most of those 3.4 million people were just depleting their $5 increment PSN fund leftovers on $.50 snowman heads.

Home is intended to enable PS3 owners to find other people to play games online with. it's supposed to be entertaining but not a dedicated source of entertainment. If they want to be a business model they're going to have to do something better with virtual world social networking than anyone's done before and I just don't see it ever being practical enough as a console format.