Netflix Confirms It's Working On A Resident Evil TV Series

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A new live-action series based on Resident Evil is in development over at Netflix, the livestreaming platform announced today on Twitter.


The show will apparently focus on the “Wesker kids”, a possible allusion to Albert Wesker, a central antagonist in Resident Evil and one of several children who were part of a eugenics projects involving a proto-strain of the t-Virus. Netflix also mentions New Raccoon City, a version of the city rebuilt following a nuclear explosion.

According to Netflix, the first season will consist of eight one-hour episodes written by Supernatural’s Andrew Dabban, with the first two episodes directed by Bronwen Hughes, who’s also directed episodes of The Walking Dead and Breaking Bad.


That’s not much to go off of, but it sounds like the show is finally happening for real this time. Deadline had first reported that Netflix was looking into a Resident Evil series back in January of 2019. According to a six-year-old report by Variety, it sounds like Constantin Film, which made the existing Resident Evil movies and is producing the current series with Netflix, has been shopping around some version of it since at least 2014.

Possibly thanks to the recent success of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 remakes, or because the ongoing streaming wars have platforms desperate to find exclusive content, it looks like the zombie project is finally going to see the light of day.

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I’m actually intrigued by this as Albert Wesker has always been such a cool villain for reasons I can’t even articulate. Like he is so tropey it should be funny, but it all just works together.

However, if they are focusing on Wesker, then they have to also bring Chris Redfield to the fold as well and just make it the epic hatred the games hinted it at being.