Necromancy Minion Game Is The New Agario On YouTube

Right Click to Necromance is a free game by Juicy Beast. It is a one year old game jam title that’s finding renewed popularity as some of the biggest YouTubers share the game with their followers. There’s good reason for that. Right Click to Necromance is simple to play and a ton of fun.


The game is available for download at It was originally created as an entry in the 2015 Indie Speed Run. Developers participate in a 48 hour rush to create functional games based off a random theme and element.

In Right Click to Necromance, you control a small army of soldiers and attempt to fight enemies in order to add them to your horde through some super easy necromancy. The games gets progressively harder as more enemy types are introduced. Burly knights, dangerous wizards, and even a stone giant are out on the prowl. Knowing when to fight and when to run is essential. By the end of it all, your massive blob of minions is fighting a nearly endless of baddies.

The game’s addictive qualities have drawn the attention of YouTube personalities. Brazilian YouTuber Felps shared it with his subscribers while fellow personality Draegast called the game “a better Agario.” The game is reaching millions of players thanks to renewed interest from content creators.

Among the largest voices to bring attention to the game is none other than YouTube superstar and living ASMR mixtape Markiplier. Two days ago, he posted a video showcasing the game. His channel has over fifteen million subscribers. That’s a ton of people getting some fun from a game jam title.

I highly recommend checking out Right Click to Necromance. In twenty minutes, you could become the evil overlord you always dreamed you could be!

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