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Hooray for PC versions of sports games! Some enterprising hackers have picked apart the code for NBA 2K12 and found the secret alternate jerseys that should be revealed this year if, you know, the NBA and its players get their act together and solve this lockout mess.


That right there (at right in the above image) is the alternate getup for the Memphis Grizzlies, which pays homage to the old Memphis Tams of the American Basketball Association. To me, it looks like Joe Rudi and the '73 Oakland A's are guest starring on The White Shadow.

The game also throws some ABA love to the Carolina Cougars—who played in Charlotte, Greensboro and Raleigh, and were paying deferred player contracts into the 1990s. Unfortunately the screengrab snapped only shows the backs of the uniforms.

Novelty uniforms for Miami, Sacramento, Philadelphia and others, including a butt ugly woodland camouflage clown suit for the Toronto Raptors, are also revealed. This would be extremely scandalous—ask Madden NFL 12, which leaked out the Buffalo Bills' new threads—if the league had any guarantee of playing this year.


A Bunch of New NBA Uniforms are Leaked [Paul Lukas' Uni Watch, via Pasta Padre.]

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