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NBAer Asserts Dunk Champion's Prerogative, Gets His NBA Jam Rating Maxed

Illustration for article titled NBAer Asserts Dunk Champions Prerogative, Gets His NBA Jam Rating Maxed

Dwight Howard believes his dunk rating of 8 in NBA Jam doesn't reflect reality. Neither does jumping from the three point line to eye-level with the shot clock to throw down a 720-degree behind-the-back slam, but who's counting?


Howard's 8 DNK in the Wii version of the arcade classic got the Orlando Magic center (and NBA Live 10 cover star, pictured) a little ticked off at EA Sports, reports ESPN. The publisher has smoothed things ou, boosting Superman's throwdownability to a perfect 10 for the PS3 and 360 version, due for release Nov. 16. (The game will not update its rosters or ratings on the Wii.)

"They gave me an eight for dunking ... an eight! They did me kind of dirty on that," Howard told ESPN's Jon Robinson. "I won the dunk championship and I get an eight?"


He has a point there.

Howard's also not a big fan of his 3 speed rating. He squawked to EA Sports about the dunk number; the publisher confirmed it'll be boosted to 10 for the next release. "I'll see if they keep their promise," Howard said.

Dwight Howard Complains About 'NBA Jam' Dunk Rating, Gets It Increased To Ten [ESPN, thanks Koi]

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Let me tell you something bout Dwight howard... He's an asshole in real life. I met him and pushed his canoe around at my work place (I work as a canoe pusher at big Hawaii tourist attraction called Polynesian cultural center) and he was just being a dick-head.

He came in with an entourage of other dick head friends, and some hot chicks. They got a tour guide, and as they passed by, some people were shocked and quickly recognized him, and as soon as the first photo was taken of him, he saw the flash and started swearing and cussing up a storm.

People tried to stay away from him, and lay off the autograph signing and all that shit, but when a little 9 year old boy ran up to him and asked him to sign a T-shirt, dwight said "get this lil white boy back ta his momma" and lucky for him, his mom was at a good distance cuz she'd have bitch slapped his face.

I have a few co-workers that are big dwight howard fans, and they were anxious to get on and push his canoe when we went around the lake, and during the tour he was being completely abnoxious and screaming at random people, singing "I got balls in yo moooooooouth" and then telling little kids that waved at him "ain't getting sh!t frum me sonnnnnnnnnn" and he continued on, giving his tour guide trouble, calling him names, and that how us polynesians are like monkeys that live on a island and climb coconut tree's.

Most of us Canoe pushers are average 245 lbs, and are pretty damn big n' strong, so you could guess there was alot of people that wanted to kick the shit out of dwight howard, but didn't because well... our jobs would have been X-ed out.

I know being a celebrity can be tough, and you're just a human who sometimes wants to let go, have fun, and party, but this was just down right shit. Dwights attitude that day really gave him infamy in my area, and alot of young kids that really saw him as a role model, are probably sad.

His group of friends were just as bad as him, and some worse. The amount of cussing around family's of kids, sticking the middle finger at random people, lack of respect and decency for ANYONE around him/them that went on was enough to send a hippy on a gun rage.

If I ever see Dwight Howard in Hawaii again, i'll spit in his face and say... "FUCK YOU, BITCH!!!"

And that's my experience with Dwight Howard.