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Dwight Howard believes his dunk rating of 8 in NBA Jam doesn't reflect reality. Neither does jumping from the three point line to eye-level with the shot clock to throw down a 720-degree behind-the-back slam, but who's counting?


Howard's 8 DNK in the Wii version of the arcade classic got the Orlando Magic center (and NBA Live 10 cover star, pictured) a little ticked off at EA Sports, reports ESPN. The publisher has smoothed things ou, boosting Superman's throwdownability to a perfect 10 for the PS3 and 360 version, due for release Nov. 16. (The game will not update its rosters or ratings on the Wii.)

"They gave me an eight for dunking ... an eight! They did me kind of dirty on that," Howard told ESPN's Jon Robinson. "I won the dunk championship and I get an eight?"


He has a point there.

Howard's also not a big fan of his 3 speed rating. He squawked to EA Sports about the dunk number; the publisher confirmed it'll be boosted to 10 for the next release. "I'll see if they keep their promise," Howard said.

Dwight Howard Complains About 'NBA Jam' Dunk Rating, Gets It Increased To Ten [ESPN, thanks Koi]

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