NBA Boss isn't the First League Commissioner to Appear in a Video Game [Corrected]

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Some ramped-up role-playing sequences in NBA 2K12's "My Player" career mode have delivered an unlikely first: David Stern, the NBA commissioner, is the first league officer—to anyone's recollection—to appear, both in voice and in motion capture, in a video game.


[Clarification] While Roger Goodell (NFL) presents the Lombardi Trophy in the Madden NFL Super Bowl cinematic, I suppose I should have clarified that Stern is the first whose appearance isn't purely an animation. Stern visited 2K's studios to do animation and voice work for his inclusion.

[Correction] Well, I blew it. Goodell provided voice work and motion capture as well. It doesn't change the news of this post—David Stern will appear in NBA 2K12—but it does change the angle. This was a simple confirmable fact and something I even saw for myself in this year's Madden when I lost the Super Bowl to the Steelers.

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Not only that, his deputy, Adam Silver, will also grace NBA 2K12 when it drops on Oct. 4. Their inclusion comes from an augmented draft-day presentation in both "My Player" and "Association," the game's multiyear franchise mode. Stern himself will announce the first round draft picks—including yours, if you're that good—in My Player. In Association, Silver, as he usually does, will announce the second-rounders.

NBA 2K12 producer Erick Boenisch confirmed that Stern, and Silver, recorded audio for the game to participate in its draft sequences.

In the past, field officials like Ed Hochuli in the NFL, or ring referees in UFC Undisputed, have appeared in sports video games, but not actual front office personnel. Last year, both Madden NFL and NBA 2K introduced championship cutscenes with winning teams appearing at the White House with President Obama. This is believed to be the first appearance of any league commissioner in a video game.


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