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NBA 2K13 Starts to Tease its Next Cover Star

Illustration for article titled emNBA 2K13/em Starts to Tease its Next Cover Star

News and notes from around the world of sports video gaming:

• The second week after E3 is typically when 2K Sports cranks up the hypeotron for NBA 2K, and we're hearing the engine hum right on schedule. The game's social media operation is asking people to tweet what they hope or want to see in NBA 2K13 using the hashtag #UncoverNBA2K. Depending on the volume of Tweets made, they'll start filling in what looks like a jillion-piece jigsaw puzzle on the game's Facebook page, offering folks a guess at an early reveal of the latest cover star.

Illustration for article titled emNBA 2K13/em Starts to Tease its Next Cover Star

Xbox Live has offered college- and pro sports-themed Avatar costumes before, now it's getting into racin' with a wardrobe of NASCAR firesuit getups. Drivers like Mark Martin, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and Jeff Gordon are available but, sadly, no Joey Logano in a GameStop (or Home Depot) No. 20. That's my lil' racin' fan with his toy at left.


• Though EA Sports has taken control of the UFC license, its previous publisher, THQ promises they aren't abandoning the game. A forum administrator about a week ago promised that a patch is on the way. [Pasta Padre]

• On that note, THQ added that its other licensed sports title, WWE, remains a strong, exclusive contract between the two sides. RipTen, wondering if the weakened THQ had any intention of jettisoning this deal, too, was told the relationship " has never been stronger." THQ pointed out that the pact will last through 2017. [RipTen]

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If Lebron James isn't on the cover, it's going to be retarded. MVP AND soon to lead his team to an NBA Championship.