NBA 2K11's Move To Move Began With Dunks

We've known since E3 that NBA 2K11 would be playable with the PlayStation Move. Today, 2K Sports gave the first details as to how the game will be played with the new motion controller.

The studio didn't provide any video of Move in action with the game, unfortunately. Still, it does describe some of the basic controls and gave some insight on what informed their design choices. For one engineer, it started with the dunk contest.


"The dunk contest input interface was significantly revamped for PlayStation Move, allowing the ability to pull off dunks much easier than in years past," says Visual Concepts' Mark Horsely.

It'll still be the same game flow - readying your dunk gesture as your player approaches the basket - just done with the Move controller instead of the analog stick. For example:

A counter-clockwise circle on the stick translates to moving your hand in a counter-clockwise circle, and similarly translates for other commands. By completing a gesture while running towards the basket, and then quickly completing another gesture prior to takeoff, you choose which dunk you wish to perform. To complete the dunk, simply release the T button to time the release of the ball.

Props are placed on the court by pressing the Triangle button on the Move controller, just like in years past with the standard controllers.

In standard gameplay, the T button is the modifier that converts something from a layup into a shot. Passing is accomplished by pressing the Move button and flicking in the intended direction (dribbling means pointing the wand where you want the player to run.) When it comes time to throw down, you get four varieties of dunks depending on the direction you move the controller.

Lacking video, it's hard to grasp, and even then, a video would barely suggest how responsive the game is to the controller commands. So take it on faith for now. Again, if you're not diggin' it, this is a game with a robust standard control set.


One other detail: 2K Sports will tell everyone tomorrow when the game's demo releases. The full version is on shelves Oct. 5.

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