NBA 2K11's Demo Is Out Next Week; Halftime Show Confirmed

2K Sports is publishing its NBA 2K11 demo on Tuesday, three weeks in advance of the game's Oct. 5 drop. The publisher has normally waited until much closer to launch to release a demo.

The demo is available on Sept. 14 for the 360 and PS3 over their download services. Players will get a single five-minute quarter of the Celtics against the Lakers on default pro difficulty. 2K provided no other details, announcing the demo on the game's Facebook page.

Last year's demo for NBA 2K10 came out only days before the main game's release. That was partly because of Draft Combine, a package of paid DLC introducing gamers to the debut of the My Player singleplayer career mode. This year, Draft Combine's elements will be integrated into My Player's second year makeover.


Additionally, today 2K Sports confirmed over Twitter that the main game will feature a halftime show, presented by Damon Bruce of San Francisco's KNBR-AM sports radio. Bruce hosts the station's postgame shows for its San Francisco Giants, 49ers and Golden State Warriors broadcasts. 2K Sports is based in Novato, Calif., north of San Francisco.

"You'll see a great halftime presentation next week," 2K Sports tweeted. This doesn't mean in the demo, but rather in some new videos that will show off this and other features.

NBA 2K11 Half-Time Show Presented by Damon Bruce (Confirmed) [Operation Sports]

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