NBA 2K10's 10th Anniversary Edition

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Sports unboxings are kind of a rare breed; some version of the major game comes out every year. But this is the 10th Anniversary of 2K Sports' NBA title, and they celebrate in style with this special edition.

As detailed earlier, the set is a sports locker with shelf space for 25 games inside. It also comes with a combination lock for your front door latch. A poster, Kobe Bryant figurine and, of course, the game itself, are included. Only 30,000 were made, this one is No. 986.

This was unboxed - why else - for sports gamers to drool over, but we won't be keeping it. Only the outer seals were broken, but the whole package is going into our charity item warehouse. Later this year someone will be happy to claim it in the name of a worthy cause, with thanks to 2K Sports for a well made game and a worthy shrine to it.

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"some version of the major game comes out every year."

and they always sell well.. in fact.. nba 2k has more fans than nba live, and if ea hadnt monopolized football, i bet nfl 2k would be chosen over madden by many. if you want baseball on 360, you have to go with 2k..

where am i going with this? the 2k sports games are and always have been top notch, and sega selling 2k sports is another example of the company not being able to make good decisions. i mean, nfl 2k's popularity is what prompted ea to spend millions on exclusive rights to the nfl. i just dont see how selling your successful sports developer is a smart move for a company focusing on software.