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Not rock-the-foundations-of-gaming stuff, but Naruto fans might be interested to know that the demo of Naruto: The Broken Bond, is up on Xbox Live. I think Major Nelson forgot to mention this. Anyway, it clocks in at 765 MB and lets you take a peek at the latest installment of the anime action adventure game, which drops Nov. 18 in North America and Nov. 21 in Europe. Fahey took a look at a video and weighed in with his impressions back around E3 timeish. Also, for those with DSes and a hankering for manga, (and presumably the means to buy this game from overseas), Konami is creating a baseball game based on a popular sports series that runs in the Shonen magazines. The game will be released to coincide with Weekly Shonen Sunday and Weekly Shonen Magazine's 50th anniversaries. The unnamed game will take its teams from the manga, and some of the players will be either characters from the manga or taken in from elsewhere. If you're literate in Japanese, here is its official website. Thanks to reader Jacob for the Naruto tip. Konami Working on Special Nintendo DS Baseball Project [C3 News]


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