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Don't know about you, but when I see a name on a building, I usually think either that person or business built it, paid a lot to build it, or that person was dead at the time it was built. Otherwise, there's really no prestige in having a building named for you. Today, Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, built in 1966, was named for, founded in 1997.


This is hilarious because if the Oakland Athletics have an overstock of anything it is seats, as the green tarp dragged across its upper deck attests. As a naming-rights partner of a Bay Area sports facility, Overstock joins such reputable businesses as Monster Cable.

Jesus Christ, MLB, just move the Athletics to San Jose already.

  • Gasbag dickface racist Donald Trump got his way. American-born American president Barack Obama finally showed his American birth certificate showing he was born in America. Here's an excellent post, from the noted left wing liberal publication Forbes, explaining why where our president was born does not matter.
  • Look, if you hate baby ducks, that's fine, I'm just saying it's an extremely bad PR move to drive over them in a Hummer.
  • Speaking of assholes who do unconscionable things to animals, someone poisoned two dogs with a dish of antifreeze-laced fish in eastern North Carolina. Why is that a bad PR move (aside from the whole poisoning-dogs thing)? They're siblings of N.C. State's mascot.

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