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Namco Bandai Plans Buyout Of D3

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

First Square Enix announces its bid for Eidos, and now Namco Bandai reveals its intentions to purchase Japanese publisher D3, the parent company of Puzzle Quest's D3 Publisher.


According to a press release issued today by Namco Bandai, the company seeks to turn D3 into a full subsidiary, with agreements already having been reached with various shareholders to purchase a 70% interest in the smaller company and an eye on obtaining the full 100%. The release indicated that the need to work together as one group company in order to survive and expand in the harsh economic environment as the driving force behind the buyout.

The release highlights the potential gains for both companies from such a union, with D3 gaining access to Namco properties to use in their line of casual games, while also benefiting from the company's anime, toy, and amusement facility business units.


It sounds like a good fit to me, and Namco Bandai doesn't seem to be taking no for an answer, so it's a pretty good bet that D3 will soon be welcoming their new Namco overlords. Just keep the Puzzle Quest coming and nobody gets hurt.

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