Namco Bandai Picks Up Clash Of The Titans By Severed, Snake-Covered Head

Legends never die, and that holds true for games based on movies base on those legends, as Namco Bandai picks up publishing duties from now-defunct Brash Entertainment for Clash of the Titans: The Video Game.

Clash of the Titans, based on the 2010 remake of the classic Harry Hamlin vehicle, has been in development at Folklore developer Games Republic for quite some time, though the death of publisher Brash Entertainment left the fate of the project hanging. During their press conference at Gamescom 2009, Namco Bandai announced that they would be stepping in to publish the title, due out in spring of 2010 either alongside or shortly following the movie.


A brief trailer for the game was shown, with representatives noting that the game did not reflect the happenings of the movie, tying-in with the film's story rather than following it blow-by-blow. They also noted the absence of a hero in the trailer, mentioning that surprises were in store. Not much to go on, but we've been told to expect more than 100 creatures in the game, from harpies to cyclopses.

Exciting? A game based off the original Clash of the Titans would be exciting. This is a definite wait-and-see situation.

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