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MMO Hellgate died. Then it was bought out, and is back (in Asia). In the West, however, it remains dead, despite the best efforts of new franchise owners HanbitSoft.


See, HanbitSoft want to bring the game back to the West. But while HanbitSoft own the rights to the IP itself, Namco Bandai own the publishing rights to the game in North America and Europe. So HanbitSoft can't open up Western servers (or even allow Western players on asian servers) without Namco Bandai's involvement.

And Namco Bandai doesn't want a bar of it, as they have no intention of re-opening the servers they closed on January 31.

So, Western Hellgate players, looks like your goose is well and truly cooked. Time to make like most other humans and give up on the game.

HanbitSoft 'Interested' In Western Relaunch For Hellgate, Prevented By Licensing [Gamasutra]

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