Naked PC Gamer Arouses Suspicions

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People game naked. People game in their underwear. People game in robes and bath towels.

But very few people film their bodies in various states of undress as they rave on and on about video games. That is, unless they're trying to sell something.

Recently, a clip of a Taiwanese gamer wearing nothing but a towel has gone viral in China. The game is called DarkBlood, and the young lady, whose name is Bibbo, is supposedly a big fan.

She's such a big fan, DarkBlood's game company say, that she's been making a series of clips in which she talks about how great DarkBlood is. In the above clip, Bibbo's face is not visible, and she repeatedly drops her towel. Yet, there's one thing the camera does not miss: DarkBlood running on her computer. The game's company claims no connection whatsoever to these towel dropping antics.

Many Chinese gamers don't buy it, calling out Bibbo and her clips for what they most likely are: blatant publicity stunts. And if they are, mission accomplished.


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