MyPSN Available in Europe; Trophy Support OTW Later

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Sony has announced that all accounts in Europe's PlayStation Network have been updated with a package of new features called MyPSN. It sent word over the official PlayStation forums on its European sites yesterday.

MyPSN allows you "to see which of your friends are online, create an official Portable ID to show your friends your favourite games, and take part in events to suit all tastes by checking out the Events Calendar." EuroGamer reports that the portable ID "contains your PSN avatar, online ID, current mood, favourite console and more", and can be embedded in forum signatures and elsewhere.

"Over time, the portable ID will evolve to include Trophies and achievements," the MyPSN website adds, according to Eurogamer.


I'll go ahead and take care of the first 1,000 comments on this post by saying, yes, these features are native to Xbox Live and have been for some time. That doesn't mean they shouldn't be available on PSN. Besides, Sony is not copying Microsoft. Everyone knows Nintendo invented avatars.

Sony Launches MyPSN on [Eurogamer]

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Oh come on you geeks, can't you just be happy for all the PS3 owners who're getting all this nice stuff.

Can't you just say something like... "WOHOOOO!!!"