WORKING 7 To 7 | My third office is whatever seat I can find on the daily commuter train. The gin and tonic is extra. (Photo by Crecente)

Home Sheep Home May Have Been Nominated for a BAFTA, But It's Just Too Thin to Win

Home Sheep Home, you're no Angry Birds-at least not when it comes to value. You may be a handsome, amusing diversion for the iPhone and iPod touch, but there's just not enough of your sheepish, physics-based puzzle solving to go around.
Home Sheep Home, based on Aardman's Shaun the Sheep and... More »


CHiPs is Supposed to Protect Xboxes, Not Steal Them

Back in my day the men and women of the California Highway Patrol were a shining beacon of hope, justice, and racial diversity. The sort of organization that would never have one of their own arrested for allegedly stealing an Xbox from a Target store. More »


Why Play an MMO You Know One Day Will End?

In today's Speak Up on Kotaku, commenter Kain's Legacy asks a poignant question: Why do we invest so much time in massively multiplayer online games that will one day cease to be?
I was reading the article about the Lineage servers closing and it just got me thinking. More »


How a Video Game Chickened Out Of Letting Me be a Terrorist

Video games let us be heroes. They let us don the cape, wave the flag, put on the badge, hoist the blue lightsaber or simply face the fires of dragons to save the princess. More »


The Worst Jesus-Free Review of Portal 2 You Will Ever Read

If you're going to review Portal 2, that's cool with me if you don't bring up Jesus. Seriously, I'm totally okay with that.
I reviewed Portal 2 here and I didn't once mention Jesus, or any other religious figure. More »


Deus Ex: Human Revolution Screens Are Pure Gold

Alright, alright, so there are some greens and reds intermingled with the rich, golden hues of Eidos Montreal's new Deus Ex prequel, but this game's so luscious and brassy it's going to sound redundant when Square Enix announces it's officially gone gold. More »


Meet Diablo III's New Enchantress, Scoundrel and Templar

Who are these three mysterious additions to Diablo III? They're not new character classes in Blizzard's upcoming action-role-playing game; they're "Followers," the co-op companions you'll play alongside in the next Diablo game.
The Enchantress, Scoundrel and Templar appear to be the Diablo III... More »

Now that I've moved to New York I have two offices. Actually, I sort of have three. I have the one at home, the one in Manhattan and the one on my lap as I travel the two hours or so each way into work. Good thing that third one includes ample Gin and Tonics. ;) –Brian Crecente


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