Who are these three mysterious additions to Diablo III? They're not new character classes in Blizzard's upcoming action-role-playing game; they're "Followers," the co-op companions you'll play alongside in the next Diablo game.

The Enchantress, Scoundrel and Templar appear to be the Diablo III equivalent of the Mercenary, the hirelings introduced in Diablo II. From the Followers reveal video released today, Diablo III looks like it will add increased depth to hirelings, with up to four unlockable skills based on your companion's level.

It also appears players can outfit them with more than just armor, helm and weapon. Follower inventory screen shows slots for weapons, amulet and rings.

Diablo III currently has no release date, but Blizzard Entertainment says it's trying its best to get the game out this year. The game's beta is currently scheduled for this summer.


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