My Money's On The Guy In Purple Pants

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Donkey Kong vs. the Hulk, by artist David Stonecipher - who's done video game takes on gender switches and "Lost" before. See Mario and Superman, Solid Snake and Batman, and Spider-Man and Just Cause's Rico Rodriguez at this link.


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Account Defunct

These pictures remind me of a discussion I had a few days ago. Especially the one of Mario and Super-Man.

What makes a super hero a super hero? Would characters like Mario (who uses super powers from time to time) be super heroes?

Personally, I'd think not, because while Mario can possess "otherworldly" powers, it is usually with the help of some item which is commonplace in his world and which, I suppose, anyone within that world could utilize if they chose to do so.

This is in opposition to what we deem as super heroes. For example, Super Man is a super hero because he has powers that exceed those of his peers. But with that in mind, would Batman be a super hero? I mean, the man knows martial arts. Almost anyone, appropriately, could learn with Batman's time and training.

Any thoughts?